Our squads of specialized Stackers work with you on a daily basis to develop applications, automate infrastructures and set up data platforms.

Each Stacker is part of a major tech community through which they share and develop their expertise thanks to time dedicated to technological watch and knowledge sharing. Our working methods allow rapid access to expertise and mutual support. This way, you benefit from the skills of the entire community to help you with your projects.

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Our build expertise

  • Automatisation & Infrastructure As Code

    Systematization of infrastructure as code and continuous deployment to ensure the security and scalability of infrastructures. We put in place the methodologies and tools to enable continuous deployment and the observability of your system.

  • Data Platform

    We design and build enterprise data platforms based on hyper-scalable public cloud managed solutions, as well as adaptations allowing the integration, transformation and exploitation of data by applying DataOps principles, prerequisite to your AI/ML industrialisation

  • Cloud Native Developments

    We build custom applications designed for cloud computing using the latest frameworks and best practices. Our developers work on FrontEnd, BackEnd and Mobile aspects.

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